For the time being, please refer to the list of topics below, and email us at [email protected] if you do not find the answer to your question. 

Questions that are personal in nature and not regarding product support will not be answered. 

Private Sessions

Sara does not offer private sessions, but the Masters Class Advanced Program subscription is an excellent opportunity to stay connected to The Council's messages and have opportunities to ask questions.

We always encourage you to follow your personal inspiration and guidance to satisfy the connection with this material that you are seeking, so be sure to take a look through the digital store to see what calls you. We are certain that you will find a product or experience that appeals to you among the abundance of options.

Masters Class — inquires

Many answers to questions about the subscription programs can be found on saralandon.com, so we recommend that you visit the Masters Class information page for details. The side-by-side comparison, video demonstration, and FAQs are helpful in most circumstances.

If you are already a member of one of the programs, you have access to additional information inside your Library. Check the Participation Information category (Advanced Program) or the Program Overview category (Mp3 Program) within your current subscription product.

Masters Class — cancellations

If you are a current member looking to cancel your subscription, you can do so within the Settings of your account. Log in at https://resources.saralandon.com/login and choose Settings under the avatar in the top right corner, and then click on Billing Info.

Alternatively, we are happy to cancel your subscription on your behalf. Please keep in mind that we generally need at least a few business days prior to the next renewal date to process cancellations, as described in the membership/site terms.

Participation links or session replays

If you are looking for the webinar link for an upcoming live session or the replay of a recent one (such as those in the Masters Class Advanced Program), please log into your Library at https://resources.saralandon.com/login and click on the product image for that particular experience. 

Links are located within the Participation Information category of the product. Replays, transcripts, and other resources are also posted inside the products as they become available. Simply look for the corresponding descriptive title and click that post. Note that some items (such as transcripts) take a few business days to be processed following a live session before they will appear in your Library.

Updates to your account

To change the payment method, email, etc. associated with your account, simply log in at https://resources.saralandon.com/login and choose Settings under the avatar in the top right corner.  From there, you can adjust any of your personal or billing information.

Pro tip: If you have autofill on with your password saved in the browser you are using, scroll to the Password section and clear it to avoid getting an error message when saving changes.

For payment updates:  Take note that, in most cases, it is beneficial to edit the one on file rather than adding a new card. If you want to keep both the existing card and the new one on file, it is important to be sure the one preferred for subscription payments is selected as the default card.