Begin The Next Chapter Of Your Extraordinary Life


Your soul’s desires are eager to manifest for your full enjoyment.  

Allow Sara Landon and the channeled Wisdom of The Council to uplift and inspire you, providing the courage, confidence, and clarity you need to move forward!

Whether you want a new career, relationship, business, or lifestyle, or you want to move, share your gifts and talents, live in your power, feel more purposeful, or have a greater sense of freedom and focus, BEING THE TRUE YOU MEANS CHANGE.

Release any fear, guilt, or scarcity you may have…
Effortlessly restructure agreements, commitments, and responsibilities…
Embrace the life you’ve created with your expanded awareness and evolved state of consciousness…
You are ready for freedom, joy, love, prosperity, and well-being!

This course will help you:

  • Embrace the path you’ve taken and step into your desired future.
  • Reframe previous chapters and write the next one, including your chosen cast of characters.
  • Understand how your next chapter affects others, such as children, spouses, family, friends, and partners.
  • Gather the tools, skills, and language to communicate from your heart, lovingly and honestly, through change.
  • Re-balance your relationships to facilitate a supportive environment.
  • Transcend any social influences to stay “safe” and remain as you are.
  • Release limiting beliefs, such as lack and scarcity, that cause negative emotions like guilt or fear.
  • Realize that you are not stuck.  You. Are. FREE.

Life has already caused you to create the next chapter of your story.
Would you like to experience it?
Be the clear, confident, inspired being you truly are and live your soul’s desires.

Session One:  Channeled Session with The Council
Session Two:  Integration Session with Sara Landon
Session Three:  Q&A with Sara & The Council
Session Four:  Channeled Session with The Council
Session Five:  Integration Session with Sara Landon
Session Six:  Q&A with Sara & The Council
BONUS Session:  Q&A with Sara & The Council