Embracing Your Infinite Abundance

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“Wealth will come from consciousness. Abundance, prosperity is your inherent, divine birthright, and you are either allowing it or denying it based on the level of consciousness you are in.”

Embracing Your Infinite Abundance

The greatest currency on the planet is consciousness. Enjoy a healthier, wealthier, wiser experience forevermore as you elevate your consciousness and allow your innate abundance!
Are you ready for more prosperity, wellbeing, love, joy, and satisfaction than you have ever imagined?  You really can allow everything you desire and MORE into your life!

“If you’re ready, it’s time for you to experience infinite abundance in physical form. Infinite abundance, prosperity, wealth, richness of a life only imagined by most of you. Some can’t even imagine how abundant your life is about to be, how prosperous and filled with wealth and riches.”

Get Access Now — $127 USD

Go beyond the illusions of lack and limitation.

“The more you allow yourself to embrace the infinite love, the infinite wellbeing, the infinite abundance, the infinite intelligence that is always available to you, and the more you allow yourself to be present in the moment, a focused creator of your reality, the more beautiful and abundant and fulfilling and meaningful and exciting your life will be.”

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Come fully into the moment, fill it up with all of you, and dream a new reality. When you focus the consciousness that you truly are while staying connected to the moment, you are Creator within your own creation, and you can have it all!


Plentiful Supply
Your Divine Birthright


Consciousness as Currency
Energetic Exchange & the Formula for Creation


The Dreamer in the Moment
Perceiving Yourself into More


Joy-full Being
Prosperity Throughout Your Experience


Live Boldly
Wholly Embracing All That is Here for You


Dedicated Live Q&A with The Council

“It is time to embrace your infinite wellbeing without any fear or apologies for being the bright, beautiful being of light that you are. No apologies for being abundant. No apologies for being healthy and happy and peaceful and excited about your life. No apologies.”

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About Sara Landon & The Council

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet.  She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world.

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Her intention is to be the purest channel of a grander perspective of what is possible and to help others discover that they have the same ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness and guidance.

Sara holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world where all beings live harmoniously with one another, the planet, the animals, and within themselves. She helps those who are ready to play in new levels of energy reconnect with all that they are so they may live, love, and lead in this time of awakening. 

Allow Sara Landon to guide you to feel complete freedom, be totally satiated in the present moment, and know your purpose!

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