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The Dream, The Journey, Eternity, and God

Channeled Answers to Life’s Deepest Questions

Who are we? Why is there so much divisiveness and chaos in the world right now? What was “God’s” intention here? How do we live up to our greatest potential—physically and spiritually? Can we really command the elements and perform miracles? How do animals and our pets fit into the equation? Exactly what happens when we die?

These are just a few of the big questions asked by Mike Dooley over multiple sessions with The Council—a collective of ascended master beings channeled by Sara Landon— answered with stunning and often shocking clarity.

In The Council’s words: “There are so many of you on the planet at this time who came here to awaken to the truth of who you are and to come into the realization of your true spiritual nature, where you can then begin living as the masters you are—fully embodied, fully enlightened, fully living in ascended states of consciousness while in physical form on this planet, Heaven on Earth.”

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A Guide to Self-Realization

“Having someone like Mike Dooley asking life’s biggest questions to The Council on behalf of a broader audience took their profound and life-changing wisdom to an even deeper, richer level and resulted in the creation of a guide to one’s own self-realization.”  – Sara Landon


In this section, The Council explores the very reason for life as we know it.

"Greetings, Council, it’s such a privilege to be with you and Sara and to talk about the dream—the dream of life. The first question I have for you is, what was God’s or Source energy’s dream for life in time and space? What was the origin, what was the impetus, what was the desire, what was the hope for this big splash into the illusions of time, space, and matter?"


In this section, The Council explores how to wisely navigate our dreams, our experiences, and the challenges between birth and death.

"How do we live up to our highest potential? How do we best navigate the things that happen, the things we want to happen, the things that don’t happen, and how do we interact with all the potentials and possibilities that lie within it—the journey through our days."


In this section, The Council explains how becoming aware of the grander perspective of what is possible and perceiving yourself into Source energy fits within the context of reality.

"In this chapter, Eternity, I plan to take the conversation into more esoteric realms. Is there anything you could tell us about what lies beyond time, space, and matter? Is there more than you can even imagine or perceive?"


In this section, The Council discusses our inevitable realization of the divinity inherently within us all, and offers guidance for nourishing this relationship so that we may live lives of unimaginable joy.

"We are pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you once again, our dear and wonderful friend. We remind you to open to and allow the incredible Source energy that is here for you. It is in the opening and the allowing that you tune in to the incredible power within you that is always available."

Order your copy of The Dream, The Journey, Eternity, and God today!


About the Authors

SARA LANDON is a globally celebrated transformational leader, visionary entrepreneur, and author of The Wisdom of The Council. She is the channel of The Council, a collective of ascended master beings with a higher level of consciousness and a grander perspective of the human experience.

MIKE DOOLEY is a New York Times best-selling author, metaphysical teacher, and creator of the popular Notes from the Universe, whose acclaimed books—including Infinite Possibilities and The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You—have been published worldwide in 27 languages. He was one of the featured teachers in the phenomenon The Secret and has presented to live audiences in 156 cities across 42 countries.

Excerpt from the Introduction for The Dream, The Journey, Eternity, and God

"You hold in your hands a book that was meant to reach you at exactly this time in your journey, to remind you who you really are and of the ease, peace, love, and happiness that imminently await you. You are of the divine, by the divine, and here for the divine—pure Source Energy. The eyes and the ears of God almighty come alive in the dream of life, destine to consciously realize this for yourself and to live like you have never even imagined.

We’ve waited a long time for this, you and I. To command the elements, creatively fulfilled, loving our lives, with cups so overflowing that our burning desires begin shifting outward to help others see and live the truths that have made our lives so extraordinary. We’re here to help usher in a golden age unlike any in recorded history, as legions now excitedly watch in the unseen, as anxious for us to join them in awareness as they are to join us in the flesh.

May you find in these pages answers to all of your questions, and far more. May they trigger and confirm your own inner suspicions of life’s glory and your power. I have every confidence that herein, as we pilgrimage through these sacred jungles of time and space—just as planned, so long ago, back at the beginning of time—you’ll find the confirmation, validation, and inspiration you need to go any distance you desire."

Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and The Complete Notes from the Universe

Order your copy of The Dream, The Journey, Eternity, and God today!