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Remember Your Future — channeled mp3

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they invite you to remember your future as if you are creating instantly the highest expression, the highest vision, the highest potential of all that you are in every moment. 

Main themes include: 

  • Your future is bolder, bigger, brighter, more expansive than ever before, filled with more love, more joy, more abundance, more prosperity, more wellbeing, more freedom, more of all that you are forevermore. 
  • You will understand how powerful it is to go into your imagination, remember your future, play in all the different potentials and timelines of what that future is until it’s such a clear, accurate, precise, focused vibrational alignment to all that you have expanded into that there’s absolutely nothing you need do except follow the energy and the light and those things which are choiceless in order to move that future from your imagination through the process of true creation into your reality. 
  • You can go through any portal you choose into any reality you want to experience, from being fully and totally satiated in the moment by All That Is into yet another canvas where you create a masterpiece, expand your masterpiece, add to your masterpiece, or just play in the perfection of what you have created. 
  • In the moment of realization, you are whole, you are healed, all is forgiven, there is only love. In the moment of realization, you come into knowing your power, your worthiness, and the love that you are. 
  • Anything that shows up in your life is simply and only an opportunity for you to step into greater power, greater love, and a greater knowing of your worthiness. 
  • Illuminate the potential for all of humankind to live in love, to live in abundance, to live in wellbeing, to live in joy, to live in freedom, to play and create and have fun and experience the beauty and the magic and the miracles that are here for every single one of you. 

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on November 16, 2022.