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Pure Love and Great Courage — channeled mp3

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they assure you that, though it may take tremendous courage at times, you can realize pure love in every single one of your experiences and live in a state of total freedom.

Main themes include:

  • You are here to realize pure love in your experience, no exceptions, no limitations, no doubt about who you are and the power you have and the love that exists within you and the love that is here to be realized by you.
  • Allow it to be simple, effortless, harmonious, graceful, graceful, graceful. You have no idea your ability to shine your light, to bring the light, to be the light.
  • With pure love comes freedom, abundance, wellbeing, joy, happiness, expansion, beauty, fulfillment, richness, everything.
  • It’s silly how much some of you fear absolute freedom to create your reality exactly as you wish it to be, as big as you wish it to be.
  • Within you there is the all. And as you realize it within you, your destiny has to come to you. Reality will move through you. Your existence will be even more extraordinary than you can imagine. 

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on August 2, 2023.