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Activate the Creative Process — channeled mp3

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they encourage you to surrender to the joy of creating and to celebrate your magnificent journey during this expansive, momentous, exciting, magical time.

Main themes include:

  • As you celebrate, you activate a new creative expression, a new creative level of mastery, new creative forms that all result from your expansion, that all result from these new levels of consciousness and awareness.
  • When you are initiating or activating the creative process, you are opening the fields of consciousness that summon the energy for all sorts of manifestations to move into form.
  • First, there is the fully integrated realization of all that you are into your truth, so that everything in your life can reflect back to you that wholeness, that perfection, that brilliance, that magnificence of all that you truly are.
  • When you activate the creative process, you don’t just change the particles of infinite creation, you create with the particles of infinite creation. You create with them the experience you want to have.
  • You are a creator. You are powerful, and you are free. So play. So create. Create today. Create all throughout the day. Be conscious, intentional about creating.

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on May 3, 2023.