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This is the time, this is the life, this is the moment that you have chosen to fully come into living in the magical world that is available to you and create a new reality!


This experience includes:

  • five online channeled sessions with Q&A
  • audio and video recordings of each session
  • downloadable transcripts and mp3s

All contents are immediately available in your Library after purchase!

Nothing is ever going to be the same and you wouldn’t want it to be, so get excited about that.

Get excited about that! There’s no going back. There is a whole new world opening up to you—new energy, new realities, New Earth realities!

The new energy is like nothing you have ever felt before, and you’re going to literally witness it with your physical senses in the weeks, months, and the times to come.

Divine orchestration, divine synchronicities, potentials, possibilities, and infinite opportunities are here for you if you are willing to let go of the old and step into the new energy that is opening up to you! Are you ready to ride the wave of new energy all the way into a whole new reality? Yes, you know that you are!

All that is asked of you is to let go of the old! Become conscious of when you are unconsciously holding yourself  in old stories, old ways of thinking, old habits, old patterns in your relationships, old environments, all of the old energy that is not supporting you. It’s so much easier than you might image to come into the realization of all that you are and create a new reality here in Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth is the new energy! Creating Heaven and Earth within you is to allow all of the new energy that’s here for you and to embody it fully. Embodying is going to be so important now. This is your opportunity to really embody the consciousness that you are!

You are being invited to step out of the old and into the new energy! Are you are feeling it? Are you sensing it? Are you beginning to notice when you are in new energy and when you’re clinging onto the old?

You are starting to understand that you can elevate yourself out of old energy in just one moment with your consciousness and by choosing. You are a force field of consciousness, and you are starting to understand how important that is. You’re starting to understand what that really means. It means you’re so much more than you’ve ever known yourself to be!

Your lives are not going to ever be the same again. Everything around you is coming into a whole new energy, a new reality, a New Earth reality, and that’s what you’ve been asking for. That’s what you’ve been focused on. That’s what you have been creating and it’s been here all along!

Join Sara Landon & The Council as you ride the wave of new energy and create your new reality! 

What People Are Saying:

Through the wisdom of The Council, impeccably channeled by Sara, I learned to let my human self step aside and allow the master that I am to step through. I experienced a new found sense of power and freedom as I allowed previously blocked energy to flow through me. And, as I began to maintain higher levels of consciousness, I experienced extended states of bliss, love and peace. By opening up to what The Council calls the I Am Creator frequency, I also experienced an explosion of artistic inspiration which I channeled into my writing, moving me closer to my dream of creating stories of love and light that can support the global awakening. – Cynthia Wikler

“After 30 years of being a seeker, I finally found what I was looking for - I found me. I found my joy, my peace, my freedom, and most of all, I found my Love. Oh, the Love ... it changes everything. My world looks different, feels different and even tastes different on this side of the veil. Bless you Sara for bringing your Love and the Wisdom of The Council into my life. – Curt Eastin”

Sara is a brilliant teacher. While directly being able to access wisdom from higher realms is the most precious of blessings. Sara’s willingness to openly and generously share her own journey in integrating the wisdom of The Council into her day to day life provides practical insights that benefit all who are fortunate enough to do her courses. You cannot be in The Council or Sara’s ‘presence’ and not feel completely loved and supported. And that is a gift beyond measure. - Lyn White