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Create as the Ascended Master that You Are

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they invite you to remember that you chose this lifetime for ascension and how powerful your force field of creation is in drawing experiences to you.  

Main themes include:

  • You have chosen this lifetime for the ascension of your experience into higher dimensions of consciousness, higher vibrations, and higher potentials and possibilities.
  • It’s the questions you are asking which are creating the life that you are living and the level that you are living life.
  • To judge yourself is to deny the god that you are. To judge another is to deny the god that they are.
  • In trying to force elements and particles to change without changing to be the essence of the change you wish to see, you are merely using limited power and force.
  • Feel the experience you want to have, and you’ll find that your force field extends so that everything in your reality comes into alignment with all that you are. That is mastery. 

This session was recorded live during the Journey of the Master course on May 2, 2020.