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You Are Worthy of Everything

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they assure you that you are that which creates worlds, worthy of every adventure, experience, and desire that aligns to the truth and the expression of all that you are.

Main themes include:

  • The only thing that keeps you from having it all is your belief in your worthiness, that you are worth it. 
  • You are here to do what you love and create what you want to create and do the things that bring you joy. You are free, and you are worthy of doing what you love every day.
  • All of your relationships are going to move into a new level of even greater love, greater joy, kindness, respect, cocreation as you embody your infinite worthiness.
  • When you know your infinite worth, you will see this body as the absolute intelligent masterpiece of perfection that you are and you will accept nothing less from yourself than to be all that you are.
  • Choose unwavering, unconditional love and kindness and respect for yourself because nothing could ever threaten or withhold or deny you of the infinite worthiness that you are.

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on May 18, 2022.