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The New Earth is Here Now

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they ask you to trust your greatness as the enlightened, embodied ascended master that you are and encourage you to boldly live in the New Earth that you created.

Main themes include:

  • Your containers are not limited. These vessels, these channels that are you are as expansive as you will allow them to be.
  • You are the Creator of a New Earth. It is here, and it is now. And there is great love, and there’s great abundance, and there is wellbeing that you’ve never even allowed yourself to experience.
  • Your thoughts, your stories, your old stories, your judgments, your entanglements, they’re not worth Heaven on Earth. They’re not worth the New Earth. 
  • This is a kind world. It’s a loving world. It’s a beautiful world. It’s an abundant world filled with love and joy and freedom and peace and happiness for all.
  • Remember your greatness. Remember your mastery. And then live boldly as the realized master that you are.

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on August 1, 2021.