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Coming Into Realization

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they encourage you to live and love fully, share what ascension feels like, and emphasize that everything is always serving you in the highest and best good.

Main themes include:

  • You never meant to limit your experience to just the creations in physical form. You never meant to diminish the limitless, formless creations that all add to you living fully.
  • You’ll know you’re experiencing realization when giving and receiving become one. 
  • Love yourself, be all that you are. When that is the most important thing to you, then all else will just reflect back your importance, your brilliance, your magnificence, your love, your potential, your divinity.
  • The greatest thing that you could do is not take any of the old parts of who you thought you were, to wake up fresh and renewed every day like a beautiful brand new day.
  • You can always come back into the present moment. You can open to all that you are because you know that everything is always serving you and is serving your enlightenment, your realization, and your ascension. 

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on June 21, 2020.