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Unleash the Magic of the Universe — channeled mp3

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Allow the profound wisdom of The Council to positively influence your life as they assure you that you are ready to fully unleash the magic of the universe and its power to present to you the most incredible manifestations and experiences.

Main themes include:

  • Go beyond into the magic of the unknown, beyond what you have ever believed yourself to be. Imagine yourself without any beliefs in limitation and allow yourself to reemerge with all of the power, love, and light that is here for you.
  • You can focus your consciousness, and you can summon the energy of knowing that you are the Source within everything… and from there you move into the consciousness of having it all. 
  • All of the upgrades and shifts in energies have been about moving yourself into the consciousness of knowing everything you ever wished to be you already are.
  • What's most important now is going beyond the belief in your unworthiness, going beyond the belief of needing to be safe, and letting go of the guilt of having a magical, extraordinary life in Heaven on Earth, having it all. 
  • It’s effortless to perceive yourself into the truth of who you are and the power that you have and the magic that is all around you in every moment. It takes a lot of work to hold yourself in density and limitation.

This session was recorded live during a Masters Class channeled call on September 7, 2022.