Living Mastery, Practical Magic, and Creation of Reality
A seven-session online channeled course, including integration practices

You are invited to remember and reconnect with yourself as the Master of your own human experience.

Allow Sara Landon and the channeled Wisdom of The Council to guide you to  living mastery and the effortless, impeccable creation of your life experience.

Who is a Master?
One who has risen to a higher consciousness and perspective of the human experience… one who consistently practices maintaining elevated levels of consciousnesses, frequency, vibration, and light… one who remembers how to open and allow energy to serve them with effortless ease… one who has expanded beyond needing and wanting to align with creation…. 

The Master is one who is free to live the life that they choose.
The Master is one who illuminates the potential for humanity.
The Master is one who allows all things with ease and grace.
The Master is one who dances with the beauty of all creation.

If you feel drawn to this course, YOU ARE READY to fully realize the Master that you are. There’s no reason to hold back. There’s nothing stopping you. In taking unwavering personal responsibility for everything in your life, you will know yourself as the Master of your own life experience.

Your perfection is not required.
Only your desire to fulfill your destiny to KNOW yourself as the Master that you are and to experience Self-Realization, Enlightenment and the I Am Presence.

Why wait another moment, another year, another decade or another lifetime to unveil your true essence as the creator within your own creation and claim your mastery now?

The DECADE OF THE MASTER series will help you:

  • Discover how to reconnect with the I Am Creator frequency to elevate your experience and dance with creation.
  • Ascend to the highest states of consciousness and awareness where you are free to live the life you choose.
  • Understand how your perception has created your current state of reality and how to refocus your perception on your desired reality.
  • Develop an unwavering trust in the benevolent Universe to support you and guide you.
  • Refrain from entangling in trauma, drama and worry that affects your vibration to remain in a state of deep love, peace and joyfulness.
  • Learn what magic is and what it is NOT so that you can open and allow practical magic to be revealed in your daily life.
    Reconnect with the sacred knowledge of directing energy to focus and flow particles into form.
  • Move beyond manifestation to a deeper understanding of impeccable, effortless creation.
  • Recognize the reason you don’t see the whole picture and start enjoying the state of eager anticipation of your creation without needing to have all the details figured out.
  • Journey from needing and wanting to knowing, being and fully expressing all that you are.
  • Transition from trusting the Universe to having full confidence in the Master (you) to move effortlessly between potentials, possibilities, reality and chosen experiences
  • Create the dream within the dream from an awakened state of living Master in physical form!

Your consciousness, awareness, and vibration are honored.
Gift yourself masterful living for the new year and the new decade!
Now is the time to integrate all that you know, all that you have received and all that you have become.

Allow yourself to dance with creation!

This seven-session online channeled course with integration practices, includes the wisdom and teachings to guide you step-by-step to becoming the fully-realized Master of your life experience.

Testimonials from participants in Decade of the Master course: 

"With Decade of the Master  I continued on a magical journey that began after I took The Courage to Leap course.  Through the wisdom of The Council, impeccably channeled by Sara, I learned to let my human self step aside and allow the master that I am to step through.  I experienced a new found sense of power and freedom as I allowed previously blocked energy to flow through me. And, as I began to maintain higher levels of consciousness, I experienced extended states of bliss, love and peace.  By opening up to what The Council calls the I Am Creator frequency, I also experienced an explosion of artistic inspiration which I channeled into my writing, moving me closer to my dream of creating stories of love and light that can support the global awakening."  -Cynthia Wikler


"I recently went through the Decade of The Masters course and it has changed my life forever! All my life, I felt like I was a prisoner of the negative thoughts that were running me. I never once felt that I had the right to direct my thoughts in the direction of what I really wanted to experience or even knew how. Then, throughout this course, something dramatically changed when I was taught from Sara and The Council how to really change my reality with changing my thoughts and allowing All That I Am to flood my being in every moment! I will be forever grateful to Sara and The Council because this course has catapulted me into heaven on earth and given me tools to stay there in every moment!"  -Patricia Jones


"Decade of The Master has the potential to decipher change, manifest a miracle and truly help you step into the capacity that is already within.  The knowledge, the wisdom, the compassion with which you are held and the support you receive is second to none.  This is what Sara Landon and The Council have distilled in their teachings in The Decade of The Master Course.

If it’s permission you are seeking, immerse yourself in these teachings.  If it’s acceptance you are longing for, The Decade of The Master and The Council’s teachings offer a safe space to gently coerce all that is stirring from within you. 

This truly is the Decade for us all to step into the potent potentiality of what it means to live in the fullness of our Whole Being and to co-create without limitation.  No more waiting or wondering – you came here as a master and The Council’s teachings help you to step into the Mastery of Creation as the True Masters in your life’s journey as we all awaken to consciousness in form. 

Decade of The Master will transform the way you think and feel about creation and how we can easily manifest a life of ease and grace. I truly know what it means to be completely satisfied with all that life has to offer and am opening up even more to receive all the abundance that is already here.  No more searching!! Open and Allow All Things Come to You!"   -Kamal Gill


"I am absolutely thrilled about the Decade of the Master Course!! Step by joyful step, through Sara's and The Council's incredible guidance, we awakened to the Masters we already are, patiently waiting for our recognition.  Want to experience unparalleled bliss?  Meet the Master that you and loving your own Heaven On Earth experience just by being the truth of who you truly are!"  - Jill Lebeau, Spiritual Psychotherapist & author of Feng Shui Your Mind, Berkeley, CA 


"My heart is full of love and appreciation for Sara, the Council, and my new soul-friends; all of who I have learned so much from within The Decade of the Master Course Community.  As a result of the integrated frequencies and practices from this course, I have reconnected to myself as a conscious creator. I now understand what it means to feel completely satiated in the moment; to live fully in the moment; and what it feels like to be jubilant from all the magic and miracles that happen within our Heaven on Earth.  Thank you so much!"  - Laura Lee Summers


"After 30 years of being a seeker, in the Decade Of The Master course, I finally found what I was looking for - I found me. I found my joy, my peace, my freedom, and most of all, I found my Love. Oh, the Love ... it changes everything. My world looks different, feels different and even tastes different on this side of the veil. Bless you Sara for bringing your Love and the Wisdom of The Council into my life."  - Curt Eastin


“I am so happy that I decided to do the Decade Of The Master course. It’s been an amazing journey! I have learned how to let go of pain and using the breathing technique taught in the course and the integration calls. I have been also practicing breathing consciously, going into my heart and saying, “I allow all that I am” quite often during the day. I love this practice! Thank you. Leticia Detres


"For me 'Decade of the Master' course was both invitation and exhortation to Dance in the pure joyous magic of Conscious Creation. The mundane has become magical, the quotidian a quantum miracle, and every single moment a blessing laced with infinite divine potential. Knowing that others are in this Dance too ..... Exponential magic!"  - Juliet O'Keefe 


"The thing that is ringing true for me after taking the Decade of The Master course is the fact that "My Human" is actually starting to realize the truth of who I AM. I AM the Creator of my life and circumstances and from this, realize what it means to be in a state of being. To be fully satiated in the moment and at peace with myself and the world I create for myself.  This course and the others before it have opened up a new perspective for me. Loving myself and others equally is truly Heaven on earth. I AM so grateful to have been guided to this teaching, The Council and Sara. It has changed my perspective on life and opened up a world of wonder and unimaginable possibilities for my growth on this journey back to Source."  - Don Metcalf


"It is amazing and magical how the synchronicity of my day-to-day life experiences has reflected back in real time the "teachings", insights, and Self-Realizations from the experience of the Council’s wisdom and Mastery teachings in this course. After over 30 years on the spiritual path, I now realize how natural and effortless self realization and enlightenment is, if we just open and allow ourselves to receive. Going beyond limitation, lack and struggle through conscious impeccable creation without having to figure everything out is true freedom! And to realize that "I am the Creator" and can "breath myself" into any reality I choose, is incredibly empowering! Thanks to Sara and the Council for this wonderful vibrational experience of light, love, energy, and consciousness in Decade of The Master course!"  -Dennis, Leadership Consultant and Former Hospital CEO


"The Decade of the Master provides extraordinary guidance directly from The Council for anyone seeking to ‘awaken from the dream’ and embrace new levels of awareness and consciousness at this unprecedented time in human history.  My answers as to how to live, what to feel, how to contribute were all answered by them.  At the same time the beliefs that no longer served me were dissolved allowing me to embrace the truth of who I am and why I am here."

"Sara is a brilliant teacher.  While directly being able to access wisdom from higher realms is the most precious of blessings.  Sara’s willingness to openly and generously share her own journey in integrating the wisdom of The Council into her day to day life provides practical insights that benefit all who are fortunate enough to do her courses.   You cannot be in The Council or Sara’s ‘presence’ and not feel completely loved and supported.  And that is a gift beyond measure." -Lyn White


"Words cannot come close to describing my amazing experience with the Decade of the Master Course. The wisdom expanded my mind and my heart tremendously." -Troy Tate


“Thank you, dear Sara. You and the Council are such a blessing to me in my time of grief after my mom transitioned from this earth plane. Listening to you raises me up to feeling more hope and joy something that I could never have done by myself. We are so lucky to have you as a conduit for us to experience this higher vibration and not let grief turn into depression. I will always be indebted to you and the Council for your sweet presence and kindness.”  -Much love, Marita


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