A channeled video course with Q&A


Join Sara Landon & The Council for an experience focused on moving from believing that infinite intelligence is always flowing to you into ABSOLUTE KNOWING!


“You’re on this journey through dimensions of consciousness, and you’re coming to the part of your journey where you’re stepping into the unknown. You are forging new paths. You are blazing new trails. You are going beyond what you ever thought possible.”
— excerpted from Manifestation without Delay

Raise your awareness and begin to perceive beyond, into the magic of the unknown!

Allow a glorious life of divine orchestration to present itself to you in the most incredible and miraculous ways.

From a state of really being who you truly are, all things are done through you.

Move from trusting and having faith that infinite intelligence is always supporting your highest and best good into the
absolute knowing that you are Creator within your own creation.



Meet Sara Landon 

Sara Landon is a guide to greater human potential, shining a light on the path so you can expand beyond the perceived limitations of this human experience. A leader of wayshowers in the modern world, she inspires and helps others to live as the masters that they are and contribute to raising the vibration of the planet. As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and can assist you in feeling complete freedom and knowing your purpose!

The Council

The Council is a collective of ascended master beings with a higher level of consciousness and a grander perspective of the human experience. Their powerful teachings continually become richer and deeper as we experience life and ask for more. They are here to remind us of our own wisdom, which we never intended to forget.

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Join Sara Landon & The Council for


A Journey Beyond Trust & Faith

Session 1

Moving Beyond Faith,
Trust, & Belief

Session 2

Stepping into the Magic
of the Unknown

Session 3

Allowing Heavenly

Session 4

Accessing the Power
of the Beyond

Session 5

Experiencing Life with
Absolute Knowing

Session 6

Bonus Q&A with
The Council

“You will come into a realization even beyond what you have felt yet so far where you will, in your absolute knowing, fully open up to Source energy and experience manifestations and creations in new levels of consciousness that are so far beyond what hopes and dreams and wishes you once had.” 
— excerpted from Your Greatest Creation

The gratitude that I feel for YOU and the wisdom of the council is so, so immense - it has literally changed my life in these last few months. You have been such an integral part in me being able to experience the beauty of what my life is, something that I haven’t often seen throughout my life.

Isobel Stamford

“When you realize that there’s no need to test Source because it’s perfect, when you realize that it’s not even about believing or trusting anymore, there is an absolute knowing that you are cared for and protected and guided and loved and that infinite intelligence is always out ahead of you orchestrating things on your behalf, and when you know how divinely perfectly orchestrated all things are in your highest and best good, then all that is left, all that remains in your relationship with Source is pure love.”
— excerpted from Your Greatest Creation

Go beyond your wildest dreams and beyond anything you have been able to perceive before!

Venture into the unknown where you can access creations and manifestations that are so much MORE!

You are your own greatest creation.
Come into
absolute knowing and RECEIVE.

Experience the pure love that is your infinite power and delight in the magic and the miracles of the unknown!


“It is so fun to experience yourself as creation in physical form as you manifest and play and have fun and expand and come into greater levels of expansion and create new experiences. It is all here for you, and it is all here for you now. Allow yourself to receive it with the absolute knowing of the pure love and infinite power which is the truth of you.”
— excerpted from Your Greatest Creation

Join this channeled video course and receive:

  • Five online channeled video sessions with Q&A
  • Additional dedicated Q&A session with The Council
  • Video replay of each session
  • Downloadable audio replay of each session
  • Downloadable transcripts of each session
  • Lifetime access to materials, all stored in your library
  • Private Community to connect and interact with other course participants right inside the platform!

 Take a journey beyond trust and faith into the magic of the unknown!

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