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Bring new levels of love, well-being, abundance, power, and creation into your experience with this six-part channeled video course from Sara Landon and The Council!

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New Levels of Love, Wellbeing, Abundance, Power, & Creation

Step into the empowered state of oneness with and connection to the creative source within everything.

Let The Council help you remember a grander perspective!

Realign your frequency and experience the full manifestation of all that lies beyond your belief in limitation.

Join Sara Landon & The Council to move into new levels of creation and allow grand manifestations to present themselves to you in all areas of your life!

As you realize yourself as consciousness moving energy into form, your manifestations will be bigger and bolder than ever before. 

From small but priceless to big and expansive, there are grand manifestations throughout the planet, and they are all here for the realization of your power as Creator.

Stop denying love for yourself, move beyond doubting your worthiness, and open up to new levels of creation that will bring you grand and glorious manifestations!


New Levels of Love, Wellbeing, Abundance, Power, & Creation

A six-part channeled video course with Sara Landon and The Council

Raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness, allow more energy, and experience GRAND MANIFESTATIONS in physical form at an expeditious rate! Remember who you are and why you are here, and allow that awareness to bring you into new levels of everything.

Yes, I want this!

Course Sessions

New Levels of Love

New Levels of Well-Being

New Levels of Abundance

New Levels of Power

New Levels of Creation

New Levels of EVERYTHING

Dedicated Q&A with The Council

Are you ready for grand and glorious manifestations?

Register for this course and receive:

  • Five online channeled video sessions with Q&A
  • Additional dedicated Q&A session with The Council
  • Video replay of each session
  • Downloadable audio replay of each session
  • Downloadable transcript of each session
  • Lifetime access to materials, all stored in your library
  • Private Community to connect and interact with other course participants right inside the platform!

Meet Sara Landon

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet. She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world.

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Read More

Who is The Council?

While any description that can be understood by the human mind is tremendously limited, the brief answer is: The Council is a collective of ascended master beings with a higher level of consciousness and a grander perspective of the human experience. They are here to remind us of our own wisdom, which we never intended to forget. Read More

Praise For Sara Landon & The Council

“This was absolutely amazing! And all my questions were answered perfectly!” -Patrice R

“I've loved and enjoyed all the sessions! I'm so grateful to be a part of this. Thank you, thank you!” -Anne G

“So, so powerful and masterful!! Thank you, Sara and the team, and so much love and gratitude to The Council for sharing their light and love and glorious wisdom.” - Julie J

"Grateful for the "opening to more" this course has brought me. Thank you, Sara & Council - Katrina R

“In being in the presence of a grand manifestation there is a remembering, a remembering that a creator manifested this expression of the divine in physical form. It’s a remembering that god focused thyself into a physical incarnation and through consciousness allowed energy to flow into this grand manifestation. It is a remembering of the creator within their own creation of reality.” 
Excerpted from the Masters Class channeled call on 16 Feb 2022

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